Our students have opportunities to participate in both team and individual sports. Being a part of the rural schools cluster we often join together with the other local schools for sporting events, taking turns to host and visit other schools. We also encourage our akonga to join club sports teams in Taihape such as the local rugby, football and netball clubs.

The effective promotion and organisation of school sport should reflect the needs of students and ensure that all students have the opportunity to:

  • participate to the highest level of their interest and ability

  • experience enjoyment and achievement

  • become competent and enthusiastic participants

  • practise fair play (in the widest interpretation of the term) in all situations

  • experience and manage competition.

Four underlying and interdependent concepts are at the heart of this learning area:

  • Hauora– a Māori philosophy of well-being that includes the dimensions taha wairua, taha hinengaro, taha tinana, and taha whānau, each one influencing and supporting the others.

  • Attitudes and values – a positive, responsible attitude on the part of students to their own well-being; respect, care, and concern for other people and the environment; and a sense of social justice.

  • The socio-ecological perspective – a way of viewing and understanding the interrelationships that exist between the individual, others, and society.